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Some differences between EVA and PVC shoes shoes

Ortman Shoes Co.,Ltd | Updated: May 18, 2016

You should first ask what is EVA, and PVC! They are shoe materials, EVA slippers general do, such as beach slippers, mostly by injection molding, PVC generally resist as casual shoes and shoes outsole, because EVA is lighter, cheaper and PVC sake. for reference only! 2007-04-28 08:16:42 published 48th floor

EVA foam material for the traditional flat, and now many domestic shoe use, but do not use basic international brands, are to be eliminated material, which typically use IP (injection) or PH (shape), can save cost and good quality. PVC material due to yellowing / aging / poor frost resistance, generally used in low-grade shoe top.

EVA outsole refers to a material, the material is EVA foam back, the advantage is very light, but do not wear, combined with the general rubber, as part of the upper half of the outsole is EVA. Only some slippers EVA, wear very light, walking will not feel tired at all.

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